Reference Videos

The use of videos has been the biggest help towards my learning needs. Below are a selection of the videos that were most useful for me. I have also included videos related to 3D printing that I found of interest as well!

1.Creating a 3D Printable Bone STL Model in 20 Minutes Using Freeware

2.Preparing DICOM images (CT/MRT) for 3d printing (STL)

3.Converting CT Angiogram DICOM files to STL and 3D printed skull

4.Tutorial: Preparing Data for 3D Printing Using 3D Slicer

5.Creating 3D Printable Models from Medical Scans in 30 Minutes Using Free Software

6.3D Printing: Make anything you want

7.What if 3D Printing Was 100x Faster- Joseph DeSimone- TED Talks

8.Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney- TED Talks

9.Anthony Atala: Growing new organs

10.3D Printing: Medical Applications- Michael Blazer and Pamela Scott- TEDxCibeles

11. 3D Printing Metal in Midair